Following my Garbage Bin


Follow the Habits in your Garbage Bin- My Experience


I followed the Garbage in my kitchen, I made this decision because it is the largest one in the house and there is a lot of trash going in and out.

The first day I saw the garbage at 10 am it was full until the middle part, I looked inside and there were some peeled fruit from breakfast, one milk carton and 3 plastic bags and some leftovers from the fridge.

I came back at night, before 10pm and the garbage was full, there were some boxes and Coca Cola plastic bottles. I could see some leftover food from lunch and also napkins.

The next day the trashcan was empty because we took out the trash and put a brand new plastic bag, for the new garbage to come in. While doing this I realized the full bag had so many stuff inside of it that had served its purpose and now all of the food and objects inside of it had no value.

I saw the garbage bin that day at 5pm and I realized that it didn’t had so many things inside of it because my family and I didn’t spend a lot of time at the house that day. I only saw some fruits that were rotten, some plastic cups and some plastic wrappers from the cheese and ham.

The next day I saw my garbage at 6pm and it was completely full there were plastic bags, some Coca Cola bottles, leftovers, etc.

A few days later I came back to the kitchen and there was a lot of papers because of some work I needed to do for my class, so I dumped it all in there.

While following my garbage last week I noticed every time that there was some kind of item of plastic and I have never noticed that before. It was eye opening because you can tell that everything has a time limit and a purpose and then it thrown into a bin when it has served that purpose. Products like Coca Cola bottles are created industrially and are mass produced in huge amounts, then you buy it you drink the liquid inside of the bottle that is the important valuable part of the product and then you discharge the bottle. This creates so many questions in my mind because, the plastic which is the part that contaminates the planet is only maintaining the liquid inside a closed space, but it literally has no further purpose. You buy the coke because of how it tastes, you don’t buy the bottle, if there was no liquid inside a Coca Cola plastic bottle then you wouldn’t buy, it would lose its whole objective.

It was interesting to follow the bin, something that opened a lot of curiosities and important thoughts.