Terms and Conditions

The Untold Stories platform is a community-driven collective space for reflecting about our relationship to our common world. Our diverse community must interact on the platform in a respectful and authentic manner in order to ensure a safe and open space for each of our users.

By using the Untold Stories platform, you are accepting the community rules of use stipulated below.

  1. All posts will be published pending review. The platform’s team will review each post in order to ensure that entries do not contravene our community rules.
  2. The Untold Stories platform reserves the right to eliminate posts or deactivate accounts that contravene the terms and conditions of the platform.
  3. This platform has been conceived as a space for personal and community expression. This is not a space for harassing, or intimidating people.
  4. The platform seeks to foster respect amongst all members of the community and the public at large. All posts must be respectful and appropriate. As such, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards attacks on our diverse community based on ethnicity, race, nationality, origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or illness. We also have zero tolerance for any post that encourages or promotes violence of any kind. Any kind of threat to the material and physical integrity of a person, an institution, or an animal will not be tolerated.
  5. In order to ensure that the platform remains spam free, posting any sort of commercial content is not permitted on the platform. No publication containing illegal commercial content will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, offering sexual services, the selling or buying of illegal merchandise, amongst others.
  6. We will not tolerate any post that violates the intimacy of other people. This platform does not allow users to include private or confidential information pertaining to a third party in any way that may violate their rights.
  7. Users may not commit acts that may interfere or damage the normal operation of the platform. Nobody may attempt to access our users’ confidential information on the platform.
  8. All interactions must respect prevailing Ecuadorian legal regulations and standards. As such, we do not publish illegal, deceitful or fraudulent posts.
  9. The Untold Stories platform does not require users to provide their legal name. Each user can choose their own username if they choose to register through WordPress. This username may be an alias. However, we do not allow users to personify or supplant the identity of another person, to create fake accounts with the intention of violating the terms and conditions herein stipulated, nor to deceive our community.
  10. The Untold Stories platform allows users to express themselves through text, photography, videos, and audio. However, users may only use material that are of their authorship or property, that are of public use through embedded URL, or that the user has express and written permission granted by the author of the material to use.
  11. All users must be careful when including or sharing news articles. We understand that this is a critical historical moment, and that sharing your experiences may imply sharing newsworthy events. Some of these news articles may involve graphic images. Any post that spreads false news will be eliminated.
  12. The platform allows users to post entries by registering or through a registration-free option.
  13. Once users have submitted a post for publication on the platform and administrators have approved publication, the story becomes part of the Creative Commons. This means that the story, including any images, video, audio, and other components can be copied, transmitted, and distributed by others, provided that they attribute it to the authors (when a username is attached to the story) and are not using it for commercial purposes.
  14. Once a story is voluntarily submitted to publishing by each user, the Untold Story team may make use of that story, including any images, video, audio, and other components, in associated outputs in various media and formats (e.g. in collaborations with museums, documentary makers, print-on-demand books, etc). All such projects will be not-for-profit and will attribute the authorship of the story when one exists. We will contact and ask permission from users, when possible, before using any material. The Archive is covered under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 3.0).

Registered users

  1. When registering to WordPress we require users to provide an email account in order to verify that the account belongs to a human. This email address can be changed or eliminated at any time.
  2. Each registered user can add, edit, and/or eliminate the personal information they have chosen to include in their WordPress account. This information is private and will not be shared by the Untold Stories platform with any person or institution. 
  3. All registered users can create drafts of their stories. Their entries will not be made public up until the users choose under their own volition to submit their posts to the platform for review and posting. At the time of publishing, the story enters the creative commons and are subject to stipulation 13 and 14, however, any addition or edition made by users will be respected from the moment the change is made onwards.

Unregistered Users

  1. Unregistered Users may choose to post (pending review) directly to our website. These posts will automatically be published under an anonymous username.
  2.  If the user chooses to sign their story within the post we will attribute authorship accordingly.
  3. Once published your post enters the creative commons and users will no longer have access to editing or adding to their post.
  4. At the time of publishing, the story enters the creative commons and are subject to stipulation 13 and 14.
  1. While we review posts thoroughly, Untold Stories is not responsible for the content of our users’ publications.

This platform is a reflection of our diverse community. We ask all of you to help us keep this a safe and open space for everyone. We review all posts, reports, and complaints that we receive. Each and every one of us is part of the Untold Stories community. As such, we ask our users to notify us as soon as possible of any post that contravenes our terms and conditions. Our team will review all reports and will eliminate inappropriate content, or content that contravenes our rules, in the most timely and efficient manner possible. When reporting a post, you must include as much information as possible (username, description of content, etc).


Thank you for helping us create and maintain this a communitarian and safe space,


The Untold Stories Team