<strong>Create Editable Personalized Posts</strong>

  • Select ADD NEW POST at the homepage.

  • Select the CREATE A PERSONALIZED EDITABLE POST button in the Welcome to the Living Earth Archive.

A1. Register

  • Register directly if:
    • You don’t want to use Facebook or Google Accounts.
    • You want to choose the USERNAME you publish under.
    • You want to remain ANONYMOUS. Just choose an anonymous username.
  • Or register using your social media account:
    • You can register using your Facebook or Google Accounts.
    • If you choose this option, your USERNAME will be the same as the one you use on social media.

A2. Create a Post

  • Accept to GET PINPOINT for your post location.


  • Write a Post
    • Insert a TITLE for your post.
    • Write your post.
    • Select one category for your post.
    • Add TAGS to describe your post.
    • Insert the main image for the top of your post.
    • Preview post before submitting.
    • Submit your post for review.