Untold Stories

Thinking with Nature. Take a moment to pay attention to the many ways we share our worlds with non-human others.

local stories

Tell us about your personal, local and diverse experiences with our changing and entangled environments and livelihoods.

What alternative futures can you imagine for living better together with others (human and non-human?

flock of birds
flock of birds
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“Nothing comes without its world”
Donna Haraway,
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“Recognising earth others as fellow agents and narrative subjects is crucial for all ethical, collaborative, communicative and mutualistic projects, as well as for place sensitivity.”
Plumwood, Environmental Culture
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Activities and Prompts

Playfulness is a powerful means of inviting new forms of curiosity, interaction, care and storytelling. We have prepared a variety of activities which serve as prompts to inspire and provoke new ways of thinking about our shared environment, to stimulate curiosity and awe, and to attend to often ignored forms of shared life.

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