Our planet is sad

To tell my story about climate change, I want to start with a conversation I had with my grandmother “Tere”. In the conversation, questions arose about the fact that foods had times in which they had to be planted in order for them to bear great fruit, and that now has changed a lot because it is no longer known in which season we are. Currently, there are climate changes that do not favor the crops and these do not allow them to develop normally as it used to be before. Now potatoes, corn, and other fruits are sown at any time but it is important to give them a follow-up in which it is accompanied by chemicals that help these climates not affect it and can grow normally. This is very sad since the fruits have a different taste and especially with so many chemicals they can damage our health. My grandmother “Tere” says that the fruits of before were richer in knowledge and therefore helped human development.

When I hear this, I feel that climate change is a very serious problem and that we must carry out activities that help to become aware of what is affecting us. In addition, take care of our planet since we depend on it to continue living, we live in a paradise and we should not harm it.

If we start to think: If our planet ends, where will we go? Will we be able to survive without it? These are questions that people should repeat themselves at every moment. We must take conscience and help our planet so that it is no longer sad and sees our concern for its care.
We are millions of people who can contribute to this good cause and if we all do our part, we will once again have times in which our food should or should not be planted.