Think outside the trash can

Week 1

After having checked my garbage can, I realized that my garbage can contains a lot of plastic, we are a family that buys many single-use things that are difficult to recycle. We have a lot of fast food containers, potato chips and doritos. These containers, typical in packaging of products such as potato chips, are made up of up to seven layers, in which mainly aluminum and different types of plastic are interposed, such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Also, we have several plastic bottles of Coca-Cola and water and as a family we do not separate the garbage. We have the same container for everything.

After having seen my garbage I could realize that as a family we do not have a recycling culture, which is very harmful to the environment, after this exercise I hope to be able to promote practices that help the environment in my home, such as recycling and waste separation. Most of the garbage in my home as I mentioned before is single-use plastic, and this is because in my home due to the corona virus we have ordered a lot of food from other places and they come in non-recyclable packaging, we use masks of a only one use and there is also a lot of these in the trash. Most of the garbage in my garbage can I think comes from factories that do wholesale packaging. After having investigated, I believe that the garbage in my home comes from factories that make plastic bottles or home delivery boxes, factories where men and women work and many times we cannot know their working conditions, once my family delivers the garbage to the collectors, they take my garbage to the ¨relleno sanitario de Inga¨ which is where all the garbage in the city is found.



 Week 2

Paper bags were created in 1959 and their purpose was to replace paper wrappers, which were considered bad for the environment because they caused the felling of trees. Currently, paper bags affect the environment terribly and usually end up at the bottom of the ocean affecting the environment, their popularity has been due to their low cost and ease of use. A million plastic bags are consumed every minute in the world and take 500 years to degrade.

After this introduction, I want to comment that from a very young age we have always used plastic bags in my family, and much more now that we are in the pandemic, for fear of contagion my family uses a paper bag and throws it immediately into the trash, generating more pollution.

During this week my plastic bag consumption has increased, and I realized that in my family we are ´ethical blindness¨ because we waste without caring, and I decided to do something about it, I have tried to help the environment and to find effective ways to separate my waste, I have started to think outside my garbage and how I can help the people who live with me and also those who collect garbage. What I did was use a garbage can only to store plastics and deliver them to recyclers, in this way I am going to help the environment and also understand how much plastic I use per day. I hope I can continue to improve my relationship with garbage and teach inside my house how we can recycle and think that we help many families in the city who live from recycling. I have thought a lot about where the garbage ends up, especially the plastics and I have decided to contact different organizations that reuse it.

Also during this week I was able to realize that through plastic bags we are connected with all people since we all use plastic bags, from the person who packed our purchases to the garbage collector, everything is a cycle and the trash stops becoming something private and becomes a public matter, affecting the environment.

Finally, I have been able to realize that many times people do not see the problem, this is the comfort of the people, since they prefer to buy more plastic bags to carry their own cloth bag, which is worrying and responds to the selfish environmental of the people who do not see beyond their comfort.