A "shared" park as a whole bestiary

A “Shared” Park as a Whole Bestiary

I went to the park nearby my house to carefully observe creatures around me, which were quite unnoticed before by me and many.

What I first met in the park was a magpie on the grass. It was looking at the ground, foraging for food I guess. Since it is omnivorous, it might be looking for some hidden insects or nuts and fruits fallen from trees. Magpies are regarded as beneficial to human because they prey on harmful insects to trees.


A magpie


Next, a heron came into my sight. It was almost crawling along the line of grass in the river. It was moving very slowly, carefully and quietly with gazing at something simultaneously. It might be one of fish, frogs, snakes, little birds or insects, which are all what a heron feeds on.


A heron


While keep walking around the park, still focusing on my surroundings, I could see a yellow dandelion slightly off the promenade. And a dandelion spore was just a few steps away. Some people eat young leaves of dandelions in springs and it is known that a dandelion is used to make medicine in Oriental medicine.


A dandelion


A dandelion spore


After about a 30-minute walk in the park, I took a short rest sitting on a bench. Then an unknown bug flew next to me. It stayed a while but went on its way toward the sky as soon as I tried to bow my head in order to take a closer look as if it had sensed my presence.


An unknown bug


The park, which is also a part of my living places, was truly a shared place where many creatures – not only animals but also plants – were sharing their own dens with others.


A “shared” park as a whole bestiary