letter to plants

Today I am going to talk about my favorite plant in my house which is Cheflera, it is a native plant of Taiwan, it is a plant that comes super small like a small tree, but then it grows little by little according to its energy that surrounds it and ends up being super high and takes the space where it is located and turns it into a harmonious environment, I want to thank this plant because it has been with us for a long time, it has been everywhere, in our multiple changes of cities and houses it always comes with us and arrives super alive and intact, it has turned that corner where she is in a corner of energy and a lot of harmony is located, I love going to that corner accompanied by a coffee and reading, I have a lot of gratitude to this plant, I love that it is inside our home and take all that space gives a very cousi look.  Thank you for giving us oxygen, for feeding our atmosphere, for giving life color and changing environments with a lot of energy and the desire to wake up happy, I would not even want to imagine a world without plants, they are vital, I feel very grateful to be surrounded by you.