The world of bestiaries indoors

This time I gave a follow-up to the family of ants since they are found anywhere in the house, patio, flowers, orchard among others. These little friends have been a part of my life and I hadn’t realized it. Why does this happen? The answer is very simple, we are not curious, we do not see beyond what is at first glance. I am one of the people who has never noticed these small details and when doing this work I realized that I am not alone, sometimes we have tiny beings that are present in our house like these little “ants”.

As I continued making my observation, I found that there are small animals that live in plants, but these can cause damage to the plant because they are “Pests” and when investigating this it is a problem that can prevent the correct development of a plant. In this case, it was very easy to discover that the invader would be the friends called “Plagas” and after investigating more I found some tips to eliminate them, I think that in this case, I am like a heroine who will save the life of my little rosemary plant. It is incredible how these little white animals can cause such great damage to an entire plant.

In this case, I was struck by how each object depends on another and we enter a circle in which we are related. For example, in this case, we observe a little bee feeding and how there is this dependency relationship, and as we humans also support this because if I had not had this plant in my little garden the bee would not have come home to feed.

At the end of this work I felt very good due to the results I obtained, for example, contributing and taking care of my nature, it makes me feel good, it also made me think that not everything is good and not everything is bad, we simply accomplished a task.