Letter to Agatha

This time y decided to look carefully for non intruder plants. Specifically in one plant that has been with us since 1995, and has move from house to house all the time my parents move from house and neighborhood. This plant gave my grandmother to my parents, it is a little tree that has to be plant on the outside, so imagine the 3 times that my parents had move from home that take the plant with them, meaning all the process that was to take the little tree and plant it in other garden. This tree has amazed me, since it has survived until now and has been pulled off its sand several times, but still stands. I decided to name this tree Agatha, I know trees doesnt have sex, but I believe this tree belongs to the F gender because of its strongness and strong capabilities of adaptation.

Dear Agatha,

I want to write you this letter because you are very important to me and I havent realized until now that I took a closer loo to you and really analyze your existence in my life since I was born.  Youve been plant in many ambiances, sand and with different kind of living beings near you; but you have survived and the most important thing of all is that youve adapt very well to all the environments youve been through. I remember once that you were with no leafs left and we didnt now what was happening, but then some months later your leafs and tinny flowers start growing again. I really believe that you have come to our lives to stay, maybe you are like our guide? or our luck charm? I dont know im really not sure, but what I do believe is that you are something good in my life and my family members life, and I have really felt that now that ive take a closer look and you and realize the whole history youve been with us and in all the good and bad times weve gotten through this past years. I really believe that you somehow take care of us and will until the end, thanks for being there and never left us, now y really appreciate the 25 years youve been in our lives and in all our houses backyars. Please take care of us, and I will take care of you too!


With Love,