Little animals

After touring my entire house and realizing all the animals we lived with, I could tell that most of them were similar or had certain similar aspects. Most of the animals were spiders, worms, bugs that to this day I was able to discover who they were and the function they had, the most common were ants and grasshoppers.

I could tell that they are helpless animals that do not harm the environment in which we live, however I think that many can affect the area in which they develop, for example ants; I think it’s okay that they are developing in the environment of nature such as land, boils, grass but at the time they invade your house or your room this becomes a problem which does not allow you to live in a good way. Among all the observation I could see that there were many similar bugs, only with a different color, larger or smaller, each towards his “house” a small space of the patio. In my house there is a pool which is empty and something that impresses me is like many insects such as spiders or the “ringed-legged rings” die because they are in an unknown environment and fail to get out of there, while when they are in the yard we don’t even assimilate that they exist or that they are there.

After several walks around the garden and the house I could notice how helpless they are, and many of them are just looking for a home in parts where they do not disturb the “humans” for example in my case it was in the farthest place of the house.
Anyway, I think every little animal has its life mission and its help to the environment, one way or another they are involved is its “environment” and they do not harm anyone.