What will happened to my things in the garbage?

While going to the back of my house and looking at the garbage bin at first it is uneasy because the first thing that I don’t like are the smells and looking how everything has changed. At that point I thought that everything in there was used by me and at that time I didn’t think of the smell or anything. My trashcan contains bags of the bathroom‘s garbage, some food that went bad really fast, plastics and more things.
The habits that all these things represent are: styles of food, the places we usually buy food and objects, men things as women things too. Although in my house we separate most of the plastics, normal garbage, cansglass there is a typical material which is plastics. Although most of my things are reusable or different, my family still uses many plastics that have one lifeMost of the things in the garbage while looking where they were produced are from China, Thailand or the US. In my opinion and my knowledge all the garbage ends up in a landfill because our country has no recycling and real process or any other process.