What about the cans?

The Saturday morning, we started the morning with a can of tuna for breakfast and my family and I enjoy it a lot, even though we never realize that trowing a can in a bin could be very dangerous for dogs and cats in the street and most of the time when we have free time we wash the can before trowing it to the bin, but this Saturday we forget about it. During the same day we went to the the supermarket because we were going to have a goodbye party of a friend that was leaving to another country, at the supermarket we found a very good sale of cans of tonic water they were very cheap so we bought almost 10 cans of them. During the night, we started the party and we made gin and tonic. The night was over and the party as-well, I clearly remembered that we drop all the trash in the same bin, because of the rush of that night was a lot.

The morning of Sunday, I found a lot of those cans every where in the bin but I don’t even think where was there destination so I left them there, so we took out the bin. That they I asked myself, how unsafely and dangerous for people and the environment at that moment I realized that we never recycle cans because, we think that is unnecessary , that night I watched a documental about the problems that the planet is passing trough so I get very worried and scared for that. Now my point of view has changed a bit but the members of my family still having the same habits.